The Rock is hosting North Dakota's 1st Karaoke League!

The Rock Karaoke League is designed to be a social, fun, team based league. Register your team of 4 and get ready to “SING IT” and “BRING IT”!

Karaoke League will take place from 7 PM to 9 PM every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month prior to Open Karaoke. The season will begin with a private (for league members only) pre-season party. Where we will offer free food and an open bar to help all league members meet and get to know each other. We will also have a brief overview so everyone is comfortable with the leagues rules and structure.  The regular season will consist of 5 nights of competition and a Saturday Night Finale.

Check The Rock’s Calendar Page for specific dates.


Teams will perform 2 solos and 1 group performance each regular season night.  Each night will consist of a different theme, 80’s, Hair Bands, Holiday, etc…The goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time. Although, we are in competition so there will be judging. Each team will battle against one other team each night. The teams who are not involved in the battle will submit scores based on Singers Sound “SING IT” and the Singers Showmanship “BRING IT”. So it is equally important to have fun as it is to sing.

The cost to register is $200 per team or $50 per person. 100% of all registration costs will be given back in cash rewards and prizes.  Final and Weekly prizes will be determined when the number of teams registered is finalized.

You can register your team at The Rock now. Registration deadline can be found on our calendar or when all team spots have been filled.

Not interested in getting involved? You are more than welcome to be a spectator! All League contests are open to the public and we encourage you to bring your friends. There will be a weekly prize given to the best group performance which will be decided by the crowd applause. Bring your friends to help boost your chances!

We would like to thank our sponsors for their generosity.

Jerome Distributing