It all started with our beloved husband, father, Friend, Hero and true Rock legend…Pat Fisher.
Pat had a dream of owning his own bar and in 1995 he accomplished that dream by purchasing a bar called The Shamrock. Wanting to give a little “oldies” feel, Pat, along with his wife Kathy changed the name to the Rock and remodeled it with its iconic checkered floor still seen today. Pat’s dream was to create a place where friends and family could come together, have a few drinks, and have a good time.

Over the years he created a Dickinson staple in “Friday Night Trivia”, where you will still find some of his original customers, and now friends, duking it out over what year _____ was a hit. The Rock was Pat’s pride and joy. He enjoyed sharing an afternoon beverage with his regulars, welcomed the new ones, and treated everyone like family. His bartenders were also his pride and joy, and all of them loved him right back. As time went on, Pat decided he wanted some help with managing the bar so he could find time to go golfing and play with his grandkids.